Our wines

Gran Padrina

Varieties: Merlot and Mantonegro.

Tasting note: Color Intense purple with fine ruby garnet in the middle. Balsamic, earthy aroma, ripe fruit, prunes, and sweet cherries. In the mouth full, tasty, round and ripe tannins, much heat from Mallorca in the glass, more black fruit and subtle toasted oak, unique personality, radiant and finesse at the same time.
Consumption temperature 14º – 18º.


Varieties: Mantonegro, Shyraz, Cabernet and Merlot.

Production: The grapes are harvested manually and, once stripped from the bunch, are moved to temperature controlled fermentation tanks (27º-28ºC). Once the fermentation is finished, we continue with the “pressing stage” of the process and move the wine into stainless steel tanks, where we leave it to finish the fermentation. After that, we proceed to the “decanting stage”: The wine is decanted twice or three times before being left to settle in barrels for three to four months.

Tasting note: Elegant, very aromatic wine which maintains a good balance between youthful and aged wine. Of a medium-high intense cherry-ruby colour , subtle bouquet, with a touch of ripe fruit. It feels light in the mouth, with subtle yet restrained, persistent  tannins.  Wild herbs on the back of the nose. Consumption temperature: 14º-18º C.


Varieties: Chardonnay  and Prensal.

Production: Once the harvest is done manually, we cool the “must” to low temperatures, controlling fermentation at about 15ºC, then we leave it to finish its fermentation. Next, we proceed to the “clarifying” and “bottling” stages.

Tasting note: Wine of a pale golden but shiny, neat colour with green glints and of half-intensity bouquet, where hints of white fruits excel, as well as powerful, fresh, tropical fruits and light herbal reminiscences. It is soft and fresh in the mouth. Acidity is well-balanced. Final medium-long taste in the mouth. Consumption temperature: 10º-12º C.

Rosat Ca sa Padrina

Varieties:  Mantonegro and Merlot.

Production: Once the harvest and the pressing of grapes are done, we control the time the grapes must be with the skins in order to get an appropriate colour. Then, we cool the “must” so as to remove solid remains. Finally, we control the temperature at 14ºC and we let it ferment.

Tasting note: Wine of a coppery, light-cherry colour, neat, half-intensity bouquet, balanced and with a taste of dry herbs. In the mouth it feels fruity, tasty and long-lasting. Consumption temperature: 10º-12ºC.